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The EuroLeague rules differ from the NBA's

Fecha: 2021-10-01
Posted in: GAME
By: Bestmengqin

The process of creating these rosters takes long particularly when the creator has to make hundreds of new players that can fit into the game. They can save time and give the team builders more time to get the details right.

EuroLeague Teams - EuroLeague teams used to play in the game, but the EuroLeague rosters were removed during NBA 2K18. The idea didn't make sense, but playing as a European team was fun because the style of play was different.

The EuroLeague rules differ from the NBA's. It's more difficult to defend the perimeter since the 3-point line is shorter. It is very satisfying to get a stop on edge during a EuroLeague game. I loved playing NBA 2K16 as CSKA Moscow or Real Madrid. It was great fun picking up a new roster and working out which players could be awarded buckets.

That's quite a leap for a game that used to play second fiddle to Electronic Arts' NBA Live. Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two Interactive CEO, noted that the game is now performing better than its original materials and has the ability to stand out in the crowd of its rivals. He added that the achievement of the game will not depend on how well the league performs.

"NBA2K has become a stand-alone entity as entertainment," he says. "Once upon a time, it was an add-on to the experience, so if you think back to the time there was a lockout 2011], it affected us. But we went into the pandemic . Obviously there was no basketball played, and we did just fine. We were better than average."

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