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It's a bit alien to explore new lands

Fecha: 2021-10-11
Posted in: GAME
By: Bestmengqin

Second, it is advisable to vastly expand the dimensions of everything. The more wild the areas are and the more immersion we'll have in the fantasy world of adventurers who travel from high civilisation to the lowlands. It is evident that a map of a small scale will look smaller if it has a sufficiently large draw distance. A few key changes jagex could make to alleviate that:

Restructure mountain ranges. There are some mountains that have an influence: those east and north of Varrock, Burthorpe, South Al Kharid, Ardougne, and North Burthorpe. They would make the map feel more real, and rivers and such could flow effortlessly from them.

Make the forest bigger. It's much better. This includes swamps etc. Making them larger the further from civilisation we go makes them appear more wild.The forests are becoming more hazardous. The majority of this map depicts a world that is intuitive for low to mid level players.

To these players, a dragon would seem unusual and Barrows armor is uncommon. The most dangerous areas aren't always the most dangerous. In fact, the addition of boss monsters into the forests could significantly increase the danger. This isn't possible, however, if these areas are large enough to permit you to navigate around them.

Reduce the precision of the in-game map. It could be made such that every region was investigated before it was documented on the map. This could greatly enhance the adventuring experience. It's a bit alien to explore new lands.

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