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There is the option of having rookies generated automatically

Fecha: 2021-11-03
Posted in: GAME
By: Bestmengqin

It's important to note that "Madden 22" has a franchise option which is more complicated. It's a nice sight. In the past, when you'd open up your franchise, you'd have to gaze at the coach's desk in a chair with his tablet. This season's edition, however, there are a few things that remain the same.

The new system gives you a bit more discretion when it comes to the coaching staff, such as the "Franchise Staff" option that lets you move up your head coach offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and players' personnel. You can also earn Staff Points and Talent Trees by meeting certain guidelines during the year.

You get staff points that you can use to purchase different growth talents for each of the coaches. In the case of head coach, you have things like "secret treatment," that you can buy to speed up your multi-week injury recovery time for players. It's a fascinating feature .

One area where I would've like to have changed in the franchise mode would be the prospecting process. There is the option of having rookies generated automatically or you can download draft classes directly from Madden Community.

"Madden 22" will get a huge updated scouting system in the event that the game is released with their first big update in September, though. So, with that in mind I'll leave my judgment until it comes time to update scouting however I'm not sure why the updated scouting didn't seem in place for the game's initial launch.

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