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The issue is currently being investigated

Fecha: 2021-11-18
Posted in: GAME
By: Bestmengqin

Once you have completed all milestones, you are eligible to claim the title of Prime Icon Gullit at any location you like. A particular milestone can be extremely difficult for those trying to complete the event.

It's clear that this particular milestone doesn't be marked as completed even after the unlocking of Seasons Legend player "Rooney". The number of restarts, removing information from applications, or re-installs appears to have any effect.

This is a huge cause of bother for players, especially for those that have already completed all other eight milestones only to be held back by an incomplete Seasoned Athlete.Some now even believe that Rooney is one of those players that doesn't count towards Gullit Milestones. Fortunately, Rooney does count, and Seasoned Athlete isn't getting marked as complete upon unlocking him as there indeed is a bug in FIFA Mobile.

The official acknowledgment from the Community Manager on the EA forums makes it clear. According to the moderator, the issue is currently being investigated. If everything goes as planned, FIFA Mobile Gullit will be resolved either via an update to fix bugs, or through an on-server fix. At present, you can simply wait and see.

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